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Posted by on Oct 21, 2016 in Boat Accident |

Child Dies from Head Injuries After SC Boat Accident

Child Dies from Head Injuries After SC Boat Accident

A seven-year-old girl suffered severe head trauma in a collision involving two boats.  According to the Wildlife and Fisheries Department Jaiydyn Montet, was pronounced dead at Morgan City hospital after a bass boat collided Sunday with a 20-foot aluminum boat.  The boat was carrying three other passengers at the time of the collision.

The driver of the second boat, the aluminum boat was reported to only have minor injuries that resulted from the crash.  It is unfortunate that both boats were simply trying to navigate their way through a turn in the river just before 2pm when the crash happened.


It is still being investigated by Wildlife and Fisheries, but at this time they do not believe that alcohol played a role in the crash.

“This sweet young life was lost all because of a senseless accident on a beautiful day on the lake with family and friends.  These horrible accidents are the reason I went into personal injury law,” says Matthew Jacobs, a Florida wrongful death lawyer at Jhon Bales.

Boating accidents unfortunately are all too common in the coastal parts of South Carolina.  It only takes one inexperienced or irresponsible boat driver to turn a pleasant sunny day on the water into a living nightmare for the entire community.  When driving a boat, you should never consume alcohol as it is just like driving a car and you will risk yourself and others around you if you choose to drink and drive.  It is important for all boat drivers to be educated on traffic laws on the water.  In the case above someone was out of line and wasn’t aware of the proper protocol when two boats are turning.  This young girl paid for that mistake with her life.

Most importantly if you have been hurt or have a family member who has died due to a boating accident you must act fast.  If you have been injured through no fault of your own, then the first step towards recovery is to contact a personal injury attorney that you trust and can help.


Once you have made contact the attorney will likely set up a consultation with you and go over your case in detail.  They can talk with you and determine what type of case you have and what direction you should move in.  If you have grounds for a lawsuit they will let you know and present you with several options.  Keep in mind that often accidents leave families with not only physical wounds but financial ones as well.  This is where a Boat Accident John Bales Attorneys can help.

If you decide to file a lawsuit your attorney will file, the appropriate paper work and get the ball rolling.  Often as soon as the paper work is filed, the lawsuit can move into the negotiation phase.  Majority of lawsuits are settled in this phase so this is why having an experienced law firm on your side is essential to your success.

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