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Child Dies from Head Injuries After SC Boat Accident

Posted by on Oct 21, 2016 in Boat Accident |

A seven-year-old girl suffered severe head trauma in a collision involving two boats.  According to the Wildlife and Fisheries Department Jaiydyn Montet, was pronounced dead at Morgan City hospital after a bass boat collided Sunday with a 20-foot aluminum boat.  The boat was carrying three other passengers at the time of the collision.

The driver of the second boat, the aluminum boat was reported to only have minor injuries that resulted from the crash.  It is unfortunate that both boats were simply trying to navigate their way through a turn in the river just before 2pm when the crash happened.


It is still being investigated by Wildlife and Fisheries, but at this time they do not believe that alcohol played a role in the crash.

“This sweet young life was lost all because of a senseless accident on a beautiful day on the lake with family and friends.  These horrible accidents are the reason I went into personal injury law,” says Matthew Jacobs, a Florida wrongful death lawyer at Jhon Bales.

Boating accidents unfortunately are all too common in the coastal parts of South Carolina.  It only takes one inexperienced or irresponsible boat driver to turn a pleasant sunny day on the water into a living nightmare for the entire community.  When driving a boat, you should never consume alcohol as it is just like driving a car and you will risk yourself and others around you if you choose to drink and drive.  It is important for all boat drivers to be educated on traffic laws on the water.  In the case above someone was out of line and wasn’t aware of the proper protocol when two boats are turning.  This young girl paid for that mistake with her life.

Most importantly if you have been hurt or have a family member who has died due to a boating accident you must act fast.  If you have been injured through no fault of your own, then the first step towards recovery is to contact a personal injury attorney that you trust and can help.


Once you have made contact the attorney will likely set up a consultation with you and go over your case in detail.  They can talk with you and determine what type of case you have and what direction you should move in.  If you have grounds for a lawsuit they will let you know and present you with several options.  Keep in mind that often accidents leave families with not only physical wounds but financial ones as well.  This is where a Boat Accident John Bales Attorneys can help.

If you decide to file a lawsuit your attorney will file, the appropriate paper work and get the ball rolling.  Often as soon as the paper work is filed, the lawsuit can move into the negotiation phase.  Majority of lawsuits are settled in this phase so this is why having an experienced law firm on your side is essential to your success.

Three the Best Law Schools in Tampa

Posted by on Oct 30, 2015 in Choose Attorney for You, Law University, Legal Advice |

Law faculty can choose to work at one of 11 law schools in Tampa. Below are statistics and other relevant data to help analyze the state of law and law education in Tampa, which includes law training at the following levels: Law Certificate Associates degree in Law, Bachelors degree in Law and Masters degree in Law. Exactly 19,490 of Florida’s 135,370 law professionals work in Tampa. There has been a 5% growth in the number of law professionals in Tampa between the years 2006 and 2010. As the employment for law professionals in Tampa has increased, overall employment in Tampa has also increased.

There are 11 accredited law schools in the city. Many of Tampa’s law professionals are graduates of one of these schools. Tampa’s law schools offer 24 law degree and certificate programs.

The University of Tampa

University-of-TampaOn Aug. 2, 1933, Tampa Junior College was transformed into The University of Tampa when its headquarters moved from the local high school to what is now known as Plant Hall. The law, justice and advocacy minor provides students with the opportunity to complete a course of substantive law study at the undergraduate level. The program is administered jointly by the Department of Government, History and Sociology and the Department of Criminology.

The program helps prepare those students who are considering law school or graduate school. Courses offer students exposure to substantive law concepts with an emphasis on the scholarly and theoretical examination of legal ideas, institutions and public policies pertaining to the law. Recent graduates with the minor have attended nationally renowned law schools across the nation and leading law schools in Florida.

Argosy University Tampa

Argosy University, Tampa, is committed to preparing students for an environment of success. Located in sunny Tampa, Florida, campus attracts a diverse student population from throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Argosy University is a student-run legal journal that focuses on articles relating to California law or federal law that has a substantial impact on California. The publication is distributed both in print and online (located at LexisNexis, Westlaw and Hein Online) to practitioners and schools throughout the world. It draws heavily on California lawyers’ work and provides exceptional opportunities to build connections with the practicing bar that can lead to important work after graduation.

Everest University Tampa

Tracing its roots to 1890, Everest University-Tampa can rightfully claim to be the oldest, continuously operating business college in the State of Florida. Through comprehensive program, you can gain the skills necessary to maintain law and order, protect life and property, and conduct administration, planning, and research services. It is designed to prepare you for a career in corrections, probation, loss prevention, and security administration.

The program includes a comprehensive study of the national criminal justice system, correctional organizations, and law enforcement agencies. Rules of evidence, basic investigative techniques and the philosophy of criminal law are additional areas of study.  Further areas of interest include: computer crime, victimology, alternatives to incarceration, and interview and interrogations.


LAW Practice AREA IN Tampa

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Choose Attorney for You, Law University, Legal Advice |

Law is the set of rules which are endorsed to public of an area in order to run the system smoothly and perfectly. Laws are created for the purpose of people’s protection and protection of their rights from getting exploitations. Laws are made by supreme authorities of the nation which is responsible for maintaining peace among the people of the country and brings progress and development in the country. Law is very essential to sustain the life with peace and progress. Lawyers, barristers and advocates are there to direct the rules implemented by the law and solve the problems of the people.

Law Tampa is specialized in providing lawyers who do the practice in various fields. Main fields or area of concern of the lawyer are criminal cases, juvenile defence cases where young children get entrapped, bankruptcy, fraudulency, land issues for false encroachment and domestic issues also. These lawyers are very experts in respective field and once you hire a lawyer it is the accountability of that lawyer to be succeeded in providing justice to the client. Before hiring a lawyer Law Tampa provides you brief detail of the lawyer, his experience, areas of the practices, history of previous cases and the education qualification of the lawyer so that the client will be fully satisfied. Lawyers are responsible for moulding your life back to the normal.

Some lawyers in Law Tampa such as John Bales deal with the cases related to real estate, these lawyers handles the residential and commercial issues related to real estate. These lawyers also deal with buyers, sellers and brokers thus help the people in making fair deal with respect to the property of the real estate. All the issues related to diligence, contract review and contract drafting and many more issues are dealt by real estate lawyer. Law Tampa makes you aware about the lawyers who are professional in serving the client in various fields more over the client will need an attorney which is meant for providing exceptional legal advices and direction in the field of services to the clients.

A fair jurisdiction and sound legal way to resolve the issues is very essential when dealing with the business matters, so a lawyer will direct you to implicate and understand the need of legal attorney in order to get a fair solution of every issue related to the business. Lawsuits are there to protect you and your rights from getting exploitation more over a law direct you the way to lead your business smooth and hurdle free. When you are about to hire a lawyer it should be mandatory to know about the qualification and experience of the lawyer or advocate as you are delegating your life in his hand. A lawyer plays great role in your life if you get entangled in any situation. A lawyer manifest the evidences and intensively search the facts behind the situation and represent in front of the judge to provide right and legal jurisdiction to the client.


Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Choose Attorney for You, Law University, Legal Advice |

Law are made as well as endorsed by the supreme powers or you can say highest authority of the country in order to maintain peace and enable the people to live with freedom and prosperity without harming other people by physical and emotional mean. Law is thus very important to execute a smooth system and in maintaining peace as well as harmony among the people. Legal tips are generally legal advices means legal tips are a set of rules which are designed and authorised by the law or Government. In our day to day life we execute numerous functions related to our work which somehow needs a legal advice or legal tips. Take the example of driving, one cannot move his/her vehicle on the road without a legal licence. We cannot book a bus ticket by online mode if we will not possess any legal identity proof.

Legal tips are very essential when someone has to purchase a piece of land or any property; there are some legal requirements which have to be met before executing work. These legal tips are very important in order to make the task hurdle free legally authentic. Legal tips are also required when a prisoner arrested in criminal case has to be freed from police custody and released on bail. All these legal advices are required for the proper execution of the work. One must hire a lawyer for legal tips as a lawyer is representative of the law built by Government. Before hiring a lawyer a client must get the information about experience and qualification of the lawyer along with his/her past record. Some lawyers deal with the cases related to real estate, these lawyers handles the residential and commercial issues related to real estate.

These lawyers also deal with buyers, sellers and brokers thus help the people in making fair deal with respect to the property of the real estate. All the issues related to diligence, contract review and contract drafting and many more issues are dealt by real estate lawyer. Lawyers who are professional in serving the client in various fields can give you best legal advices. More over the client will need an attorney which is meant for providing exceptional legal advices and direction in the field of services to the clients. Thus legal tips who are provided by law ressources such as the website are very essential for the clients who want to start new business, purchase any type of property or land, executing market or doing own business. When the people go as per the rules of the law they will surely not face any kind of the problem in their respective ordeal. A lawyer can make you aware about the legal procedure done before executing any important task. Law and legal advices are very important for every class as law is meant for everybody and it tends to bring equality in the nation. An experienced lawyer can practices the attorneys of the law with all his knowledge and efforts and thus provide jurisdiction.


Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in Choose Attorney for You, Law University, Legal Advice |

When we are going to initiate a business then there are some legal issues which have to be considered as well as covered before starting a business. Not only in the beginning but as the business progresses then at every step there are some legal formalities that have to be done for the smooth progression of the business. There are mentioned some of the legal advices while going to initiate a business whether in big scale or small scale. Business legal tips etc are of utmost important as you begin to explore more about the business first thing will come in your mind to do registration for starting a new business.

Varieties of documents are needed to commence a business and register your business legally. After the registration of the business next step is to register your trade mark which you are going to implicate for your business. Every person who is eager to create new business must have licence or permit from the Government which depend upon the services and the products you are delivering to the public. These are the essential legal tips before you start a business, you can also take the help of lawyer which is a representative of set of rules which is recommended by the Government.

As you started a business then you must introduce a privacy principle to your business which involves principles of managing as well as operating confidential information, principles of using private information for marketing issues. Reveal the personal information publically as apart to elaborate your business. There are anti bullying laws which are applicable to the honour of the company towards workers as well as behaviour of workers towards customers. Fair work commission is the committee which is assigned to apply this law to the company as well as business holders. Some contractors are independent and they are not consisted to restrict their payment as per Government law but they can negotiate it independently.

These are some of the most important business legal tips which are very essential to initiate as well as to execute your business in a very smooth as well as progressive way. Legal business tips are meant for the convenience of yourself and for your business purpose. All the legal issues are to give the proper right and jurisdiction both on customers and honour’s part. For a proper business law guide you can hire a lawyer who can give right advice. Business legal tips etc are very important for a business man so that he cannot face any kind of trouble in future and can run his business with smoothly. When you are fulfilling all the requirement of the business then you will be fear free at every step of your business progression. Before hiring a lawyer a customer must be aware of the previous record and performance of the lawyer as well as his education qualification in the field of law. The lawyer must be experienced to handle all sorts of business issues.


Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 in Choose Attorney for You, Law University, Legal Advice |

A legal advisor is the best individual that can help you with regards to lawful issues. It is obviously fundamental that you will bargain just with an accomplished legal advisor keeping in mind the end goal to have a positive result.

What is the need to an attorney? By and large, a legal counselor has enough learning of the lawful framework and knows more about the law. He knows how to set up a barrier methodology keeping in mind the end goal to shield you. A legal advisor can likewise discover routes on the best way to diminish conceivable fines and sentences that you may confront.

There are some important and assertive things that you need to remember keeping in mind how to find the best lawyer and the end goal to ensure that you could get the best attorney to handle your criminal case. It is dependably a smart thought to begin asking your family and dear companions with a specific aim to get referrals for the best legal advisor. You may approach your colleagues for proposals also. Referrals from loved ones are without a doubt most dependable than asking other individuals. Seeking the web is another alternative if you are searching for an attorney. You can discover a considerable measure of sites that can furnish you with rundown of some prominent legal advisor including their experience, contact data and region of specialization. This will assist you to find a legal advisor who has experience and practice that can address your issues. Online examination is additionally a powerful approach to find the best legal advisor for you. Beside this, you can likewise check promotions from magazines and news papers. By getting a great deal of data about potential legal advisor, the less demanding it will be for you to decide the best attorney for you. So invest energy in searching for an attorney and ensure that you will settle on an insightful choice with a specific end goal to wind up successful for your situation.

When you have found out a legal advisor, you ought to meet him actually for discussion. Most attorneys offer free meeting to their customers. You can likewise begin examining about your case and request legitimate exhort. In addition, you should likewise request his administration charge. In the event that you think he is the right one for you, then that is the correct time to contract him as your legitimate representation in court but do not take this step without thinking.

Utilize the Internet while verifying your legal advisor. The web is an amazing and astounding tool that will truly offer you some assistance with understanding the qualities and shortcomings of your potential legal counselors. You may discover gathering references about the legal counselor you’re considering. There may be awesome testimonials that influence your decision. You may even see a touch of their reputation. Any which way, you have a great deal of insight readily available.

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